Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates is our standard Pilates class at Holixir – an introduction to all the moves on the reformer alongside working and stretching all major muscle groups!


This class is suitable for all levels including first timers, mums-to-be up to the 3rd trimester, post-natal clients.

Reformer Athletica

Reformer Athletica is our most demanding class – your endurance, flexibility and balance will be tested!


There will be a lot of standing work, balancing and high intensity, full body loading.
This class is designed for the more advanced reformer client and is not suitable for pregnant women or anyone with injuries.

Bump Athletica

Bump Athletica has been especially developed for our pre-natal population. We welcome women to join in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters.


These classes are still challenging yet focus more on preparing your body for the demands of a newborn baby. Enjoy the combination of strength work, spinal mobility and pelvic floor conditioning exercises with other mums to be.

Post-natal Pilates – Coming soon!

Post-natal Pilates is curated for our new mums who are returning to exercise after giving birth. The classes are a combination of mat work and reformer Pilates that offer restoration of mobility, building of endurance and retraining of the abdominal wall. These classes are an excellent adjunct to our standard reformer pilates classes.

PILATES Northern Beaches

You may find a class at Holixir Studio Pilates morning, noon, or night, seven days a week, so whether you’re an early riser, a night owl, or prefer a midday workout, you’re sure to find one that works with your schedule.

You’ll always have places to have a post-Pilates coffee because there are so many adorable coffee shops and delectable restaurants nearby.

There are several class packs available at Holixir Studio Pilates Northern Beaches, ranging from single casual courses up to a group or private class packs.

Pilates is a terrific way to mix up your workout regimen in a beneficial way. “There really isn’t one sort of exercise that can get you there, whether you’re trying to become in shape or just enhance your overall health. If you are looking to start or continue your PIlates lessons, Holixir Studio is the perfect way to go.


PILATES CLASSES Northern Beaches

In this wellness-obsessed metropolis, there is a Pilates facility around every corner. Pilates is the feel-good exercise that has quickly spread throughout the world. There are numerous locations to tone, tighten, and strengthen, including well-known institutions, up-and-coming artists, and neighborhood favorites. The majority are excellent, some are outstanding, and some stand out, like what we have here at Holixir Studio.


Everybody can take classes at Holixir Studio. We offer beginner classes for those who are new to the practice, and each week we cover a different premise. A difficult set of exercises that strive to strengthen, tone, and balance are available at Holixir Studio if you are accustomed to reformer Pilates and are searching for a dynamic session and workout. To accommodate your hectic schedule, we also design individualised sessions for private lessons, which are offered seven days a week.



By supporting and enlarging the muscles of the chest, hips, shoulders, and pelvis, Reformer Pilates helps build a solid core. A full-body workout by reformer pilates increases power, strength, flexibility, and efficiency.


While mat-based Pilates is comparable, reformer Pilates is extremely different. Reformer Pilates, performed on a Pilates reformer machine, adds resistance to the Pilates exercises by using springs that are a part of the apparatus, making it generally more intense and dynamic than mat-based Pilates.


When using a Pilates Reformer, you burn calories more quickly than when performing a typical mat-based Pilates routine. Additionally, consistent use of a Pilates Reformer in conjunction with a healthy diet and other forms of exercise or cardio can help with weight loss and a more defined waist.


Experience these and more when you book Reformer Pilates classes here at Holixir Studio Northern Beaches.



Your body changes continuously for the nine plus months that you are pregnant. You may struggle to get out of bed one day and live off saltines the next, but you may suddenly feel energized and have an odd hunger. Your prenatal Pilates routine should change as your body does. Although your pregnant Pilates practice will always aim to increase stability and body awareness and balanced muscle development, it’s crucial to pay attention to your body and make any necessary adjustments.


The same is true after you give birth. Getting on the mat for your Post Natal Pilates sessions is a good start to go back in shape and promote better mind and body function. Common postpartum concerns like lower back and shoulder stiffness can be avoided with postnatal Pilates, and the stressed deep breathing techniques result in increased energy, patience, and mental clarity.


Holixir Studio is excited to have you here. Contact us for Pilates private lessons or group sessions to book an appointment.

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