As the founder of Holixir, Danielle is deeply passionate about the holistic approach to health and wellness. She has poured her heart and…

As the founder of Holixir, Danielle is deeply passionate about the holistic approach to health and wellness. She has poured her heart and soul into creating a space where wellness practitioners can thrive and make a real difference in the lives of others.



Carla is Holixir’s community manager and one of our lovely instructors. She has a BA/BCom, Certificate in Personal Training, is a Certified Trainer in…

Carla is Holixir’s community manager and one of our lovely instructors. She has a BA/BCom, Certificate in Personal Training, is a Certified Trainer in Functional Fitness for Pregnancy & Postpartum (FFPT), and is currently completing her Reformer Certification with Polestar. The studio is her happy place and she takes delight in making the experience of members the best it can be. She believes that movement is medicine for the mind, body and spirit. Her door is always open for anyone to reach out for help or with feedback.


Karlyn has been dancing since the age of 4, Graduated ED5 international school of Musical Theatre in 2012 and since then has performed…

overseas for the last 8 years as a Dancer, Aerialist and Dance Instructor.


Karlyn has performed for Ringling Brothers Circus (USA), Celebrity Cruise lines (USA), Theatre shows in (Hong Kong) danced in Bollywood movies, television and commercials in India, Asia, New Zealand and currently still dance for Samba Brazil, performing at weddings and events.


After returning home she discovered my love for teaching Pilates and Fitness. She graduated her Cert 3 and 4 in Fitness at AFA and completed her Certificate in Barre and Reformer. I enjoy educating, supporting, and motivating my clients throughout the health and fitness journey. 


What is your favourite class to teach and why?

I enjoy teaching Barre. It’s the perfect combination of dance and pilates, my two favourite forms of exercise. I love how the music pumps you up, it’s fast paced, and it leaves you sweating and shaking. 


What does community mean to you?

Creating a supportive and positive environment. I feel the fitness industry gives myself and others a sense belonging. 


When you’re not teaching, what excites you?

Travelling to new places, camping and taking my paddle board out. I enjoy spending my spare time outdoors and being active.


I’m Jess – an energiser bunny, surf and water baby, yogi & lover of travel. I’m currently studying Physiotherapy at Australian Catholic University,

and work for the Manly Rugby Team in game day coverage, as well as previously being a personal trainer. I teach a high energy, upbeat class – expect a glute burn to be on the cards, and sweat is guaranteed!

Community & connection is what makes me love teaching Pilates; I enjoy meeting new people, hearing their stories & sharing experiences. Building connections, to me, is one of the most fundamental aspects of a fulfilling and positive life, and I’ve also discovered that whilst travelling ritually to Indonesia and exploring many islands with a wide array of people.

So if you ever need travel tips look no further! See you soon!


Julie teaches Reformer Pilates, Mat Pilates, Joint Mobility classes, Seniors Pilates, Children and Teenagers Pilates, Restorative Yoga and Yin Yoga.

Julie has been teaching Pilates in the Northern Beaches for 15 years. She became certified as a Polestar Studio/Mat and Reformer pilates instructor in 2008. Julie re-certified in BASI full studio pilates in 2021 to keep her skills up and be trained on the newest equipment.


Julie loves people and the chance to help people enjoy movement, move functionally and alleviate pain. She has joined her love of people and desire to help others with her interest in research and continuing education allowing her to teach movement to anyone anyway they need to get the outcomes they desire.


Favourite class to teach?

My favourite class to teach is Restorative Yoga because she believes most people do not take enough time to consciously rest For one’s body to become stronger healthier it must rest as well as work.


What does community mean to you?

Community is sharing attitudes and interests in common. The sense of community that Holixir provides to the teachers as well as the clients makes Julie happy.


When you’re not teaching?

I enjoy live music! I spend most weekends dancing to local bands and attending festivals.


Sarah is a personal trainer and group exercise coach here at Holixir. She teaches HIIT, LIIT, strength, boxing, and stretching and mobility classes. Sarah has a degree in Sport and Exercise and has been in the industry for over fifteen years.

“I absolutely love what I do! I love seeing being grow and challenge themselves, but most importantly I love to get to know people and enjoy spending time together while they get a great session out too!


My story 


Growing up I loved sport and did it all! Basketball, netball, soccer, swimming and cross country. Post school I obtained my degree in Sport and Exercise and have been apart of this world ever since. For the past four years I’ve shifted my training away from strength and focused on triathlon, half ironmans particularly. With hard work and consistency I’ve been fortunate enough to have a few first and second places under my belt, including Australian Age Group Champion for long course and just recently overall female winner for Olympic distance! 


Favourite Classes 


HIIT! As much as I love the steady strength work and its benefits, there’s something about feeling that power through your chest from your heart and lungs working hard that just hits right! I love watching my groups push themselves and seeing how they can challenge themselves more each week! 


What does Community mean to you?


Community is what we as humans crave. A sense of belonging to a group, sharing experiences together, whether it bad (burpee pyramids) or good (sled partner running). Feeling apart of something is what drives us to both show up each week and work stronger during…with a lot of good chats and laughs along the way! 


What excites me

The outdoors and racing! A fantastic 100km bike ride along the coast, through the mountains and down to the bays or a trail run through the dam, completely immersed in nature is a dream! I’ve swum manly to shelly and seen thousands of fish, as well as sharks and even a humpback whale! Now my little boy is walking and running trail with me and I couldn’t ask for more! Then there’s no better high then a triathlon race…the focus, the challenge and then occasionally a win


Claudia is passionate about sharing the teaching of the traditional yoga practice. Having spent timein India, I became more immersed in the magic of the practice.

I practice daily myself either through hatha asana, breathwork and meditation. I have completed my 7 day Vipassana in 2021 whichtaught me the power of stillness.


What is your story?

Claudia, or known as Clouds. Has been living on the Beaches for the last 14 years, but originally aDutchie. I share the practice of Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga at Holixir. I love sharing the practice, asit is so powerful. We live such a busy life that the mat really becomes a home to give back to yourselfso that you can show up again in the world.


What is your favourite class to teach and why? 

Yin Yoga, we live such busy lives and I love seeing students fully surrendering into their softness andrest.


What does community mean to you? 

I love community, gives my soul so much life. I love learning more about others, and then bumpinginto them in other parts of the beaches is such a nice feeling.


When you’re not teaching, what excites you?

Travelling, Nature, Reading, Salty dips


Emily teaches Barre and Mums & Bubs Pilates classes in Sydney and share mini home workouts. Mum of two boys.

Emily’s mission is to help as many mums and people as possible to get fit and stay motivated offering simple, yet challenging full body workouts to make them feel more energised, confident and more in control of their day. 


Favourite class

Definitely a barre class! Barre uses your own body weight to work multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Plus, isometric movements help you engage smaller muscles that often get ignored. Barre builds strength and endurance, improves flexibility, posture, core strength and balance. It is a full body workout that’s surprisingly hard and pretty fun 😉 


When not teaching

Family time, running, beach, bush walks, yoga, coffee, peanut butter and porridge! 


What excites you

Being with my family, the beach, sunshine, flying back to the UK 


What does community mean to you

People supporting and looking out for each other



What is your story?

I am a kiwi who moved across the ditch in 2015. In my first month or so here, I fell in love…

with the practice of yoga and the transformative power it holds. This led me to complete my teacher training in 2017 and since have been fortunate enough to work as a yoga teacher. I have always been very interested in holistic wellbeing and looking after the whole person. I have studied both psychology and human nutrition and university and I believe yoga truly supports mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. 


What is your favourite class to teach and why?

I don’t think I can pick a favourite to teach! There’s a space for both Vinyasa and Yin in my heart. Vinyasa is super fun and flow-y, it’s challenging and it’s rewarding. Yin is especially grounding and feels like indulgent escapism. It’s a true joy and honour to teach yoga where we get to experience the power of the breath, a tapping out of repetitive thought patterns and a deep connection to our true selves. 


What does community mean to you?

Community means a lot to me. On a basic level, being a part of a community is gorgeous in the way that the mundane is elevated through feeling of joy that gets sparked when connection is made and felt. I believe community is also a large contributing factor in one’s sense of belonging. The yoga community is especially dear to me and I love getting to know each and every person who comes to class.


When you’re not teaching, what excites you?

When I’m not teaching, the beach never fails to excite, alongside nature-filled family getaways that stimulate all the senses. 

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