Pre Natal Pilates

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Prenatal Reformer

Pre-natal offering at Holixir

At Holixir, we have a specific focus on pre-natal care. Our Pilates, Yoga and group training movement programs are designed to offer you the most optimal care that you deserve. We believe in empowerment through education and will guide you in making choices that best suit your changing needs. Our movement programs are challenging, yet safe!


In terms of our Pilates offering, you are welcome to participate in any of our classes until the end of your first trimester. Throughout your second trimester, you can join our Pilates Reformer classes. These are a combination of strength and flexibility training but take into account that intense abdominal loading is not advised at this stage.


In your final trimester, we offer bespoke Pre-natal reformer classes where you can train with other mums-to-be. Our classes focus specifically on what your body needs at this final stage as well as preparing you for the physical demands you will experience when taking care of your baby. These classes are taught by our instructors who have a wealth of knowledge to share on pregnancy and the post-natal period.

Post-natal Pilates

Holixir offers two beautifully designed creche spaces for bubs to enjoy. The creche features interactive play areas to keep younger and older children entertained while mum enjoys some time out

Pregnancy Yoga – Coming Soon!