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I am Physiotherapist with international accreditation in the UK, South Africa and Australia. I moved to Sydney in 2022 and soon thereafter joined Holixir. I was first exposed to pregnancy pilates and movement in 2012 in London and have had much exposure over the years teaching and guiding women in the pre-natal space. 


Soon after my move to Holixir, it came to my attention that there were limited options in the local area for pregnant women to train optimally. My philosophy is that we are not training women to go to war, pregnancy is not boot camp. We are preparing women’s bodies for some of life’s most significant events; pregnancy, birth and early motherhood. I wanted to create an environment of support, warmth and nurture for our pregnant women. Within this environment, women are challenged physically and we focus on areas that require specific attention at this time. My wish is to respect the process of pregnancy and the myriad of change it brings, whilst simultaneously giving women an opportunity to feel empowered by this change.

Bump Athletica

Holixir’s prenatal Pilates classes are specifically designed to accommodate the changing needs of an expectant woman’s body. The classes focus on pelvic floor conditioning, strengthening of the upper and lower limbs, spine care and postural awareness.  The classes are designed to be safe yet effective for pregnant women and are led by qualified instructors experienced in working in this field.


Our postnatal Pilates classes are aimed at new mothers who have recently given birth and focus on restoring abdominal wall function and core stability. There is also an emphasis on postural re-education, lifting technique and spinal mobility. These classes are suitable for women who have been cleared for exercise by their healthcare provider and can be adapted to meet the needs of individual clients.


These classes are an ideal place to meet other women who are going through a similar phase of early motherhood. Holixir promotes an environment of inclusivity and warmth, where we want our new mums to feel welcomed and supported.

Pregnancy Yoga – Coming Soon!

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