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Barre Amp’d

A dynamic fusion of Pilates and Ballet inspired movements to deliver a high-intensity, low-impact workout. Suitable for all fitness levels (that’s right, you do not need to be a ballerina), this class targets small muscle groups to hone, tone and burn in all the right places. It improve postures, lengthens muscles and enhances flexibility – three wins in our book! With simple choreography and energizing music, it’s a favourite among everyone.


* Can be modified for all stages of pregnancy.

Barre & Breathe

Bringing you the best of both words – A powerful Barre Amp’d class followed by 30 minutes of stretch, flow and breath. It’s the perfect moment to pause, connect and find space for stillness. Do the work – reap the reward.
* Can be modified for all stages of pregnancy.


Holixir Studio offers a unique and dynamic workout experience combining ballet, Pilates, and yoga to tone, strengthen, and sculpt your body. Our classes are designed for women of all fitness levels. Barre classes focus on small, precise movements that target the muscles in the legs, arms, and core, helping to tone and shape your body while improving flexibility and balance. Our classes are set to upbeat music and are led by experienced and certified instructors who will guide you through each movement and provide modifications as needed. Our classes are designed to be fun and challenging, and we offer a variety of class formats to suit different schedules and preferences. We offer traditional barre classes, cardio barre classes, and barre sculpt classes. Our traditional barre classes focus on barre basics and are perfect for those new to the workout, while our cardio barre classes are designed to get your heart pumping and burn calories. Our barre sculpt classes combine traditional barre exercises with weights and resistance bands to build muscle and burn fat.


Barre is a type of exercise class that combines ballet, Pilates, and yoga elements to tone, strengthen, and sculpt the body. The workout is typically done at a ballet barre, but can also be done using a chair or other stable surface for support. Barre classes focus on small, precise movements targeting the legs, arms, and core muscles. The exercises are designed to fatigue the muscles quickly, using a combination of isometric holds and repetitive movements. These movements are done to upbeat music and led by a certified instructor who will guide you through each movement, providing modifications as needed. The workout typically starts with a warm-up, then moves on to exercises focusing on the legs, such as plies, squats, and leg lifts. The class then works the arms and core, using exercises like push-ups and small pulses. Finally, the class ends with a cool down and stretching. Barre is a low-impact workout suitable for people of all fitness levels, ages and body types. It’s a total body workout that can help you build lean muscle, improve your posture, and increase your flexibility and balance. It’s also a great workout for those who want to improve their cardiovascular health and burn calories. We invite you to come and experience the benefits of barre classes for yourself. Whether you’re looking to tone your muscles, improve your flexibility, or simply find a fun and challenging workout, we have something for everyone. Join us at our Holixir studio in Sydney and let us help you achieve your fitness goals!


Welcome to Holixir Studio’s Prenatal Barre Classes in Sydney. We understand that pregnancy is a special and unique time in a woman’s life, and that’s why we offer specialised prenatal barre classes tailored to the specific needs of expectant mothers. Our prenatal barre classes are led by experienced and certified instructors who have been trained in prenatal exercise and are aware of the physiological and emotional changes that occur during pregnancy. They will guide you through a safe and effective workout that is designed to alleviate pregnancy-related discomforts, such as back pain and fatigue while helping you to stay active and healthy throughout your pregnancy. Contact us today at Holixir Studio to book an appointment or to learn more about our services.

Holixir Social Updates


Tuesday 14th May 7:00pm- 8:30pm

We are delighted to welcome Caroline Rogers (DRCOG, FRACGP, MBBS (Hons)), Sheryl Carrol (Integrative Health Practitioner and coach), and our very own Sarah Brady (BA &ASCA Level 1 + 2) to the studio for an open discussion on what Peri-menopause is, the common symptoms and most importantly how you can manage it. 

Together, we’ll explore the essential pillars of exercise, nutrition, environmental factors, stress management, and hormonal therapy - empowering you with knowledge to navigate this transformative phase with confidence and positivity. 

$15 members 
$25 non- members 

There are 20 places for this event. Please email frontdesk@holixir.com if you’d like to join! 🤍
Practice Pilates = be happy. It’s girl math! 🤍⚡️

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Sun’s out, guns out. Our Strength and Tone Queen showing us how it’s done! 💪🏽

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AMRAP - As many rounds as possible 🙌🏼

Not only found in our warehouse classes, but it can sometimes sneak it’s way into a Reformer Athletica class as well 🙄

The goal is to minimize brakes until the clock stops,  which is an effective way to improve muscular health, cardiovascular health and conditioning. Plus you can always give a little “whoohoo” at the end which is fun! ⚡️

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Wishing our gorgeous @_tamlee the best adventure in Spain! 

We will miss your beautiful energy in the studio… thankfully never had to do this move in class, but we’ll work on it - ready for your return.😅

Love your HOLIXIR fam 💛
Friday mood ☀️

Move your body, move your mind.

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💌Beautiful members, beautiful messages 💌

Shout out to @zoe_ainscough our resident smiling assassin! Warm and welcoming yes… but boy does she deliver a strong + spicy workout! 

Have a friend who you know would love an endorphin hit, email frontdesk@holixir.com and we’ll set them up with a free class 👯‍♀️

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Strength with a smile! @sarahbrady_pt 

Some of the many reasons why we love incorporating strength training into our fitness routine:

💪🏽 Increases muscle mass + bone density
💪🏽 Can improve metabolism + weight management
💪🏽 Supports daily life and functional activities
💪🏽 Supports mental health and overall well-being 

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We love turning around commitment-phobes 😅 If you are unsure if HOLIXIR is right for you, join us for a free class and we’ll prove that we’re worth the sweat and smiles! 🤍