barre yoga reformer functional fitness mat pilates movement specialties barre yoga reformer functional fitness mat pilates movement specialties
barre yoga reformer functional fitness mat pilates movement specialties barre yoga reformer functional fitness mat pilates movement specialties
6 ways to move and connect at Holixir -
  • Pilates.
  • Group Training
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Your Body, Your Move, Your Way – HOLIXIR is serious about Movement for women, we understand the need for a variety of modalities to keep it interesting while creating habits and a community you can connect to. If variety is the spice of life, we’ve got you covered all under one roof! With 3 studios offering 6 different modalities we have a mode to suit you no matter how you’re feeling or what your body needs on any given day. Our classes are boutique size, enuring you get the support you need at the level you’re at!

6 ways to move and connect at Holixir

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Wishing our gorgeous @_tamlee the best adventure in Spain! 

We will miss your beautiful energy in the studio… thankfully never had to do this move in class, but we’ll work on it - ready for your return.😅

Love your HOLIXIR fam 💛
Friday mood ☀️

Move your body, move your mind.

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💌Beautiful members, beautiful messages 💌

Shout out to @zoe_ainscough our resident smiling assassin! Warm and welcoming yes… but boy does she deliver a strong + spicy workout! 

Have a friend who you know would love an endorphin hit, email frontdesk@holixir.com and we’ll set them up with a free class 👯‍♀️

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Strength with a smile! @sarahbrady_pt 

Some of the many reasons why we love incorporating strength training into our fitness routine:

💪🏽 Increases muscle mass + bone density
💪🏽 Can improve metabolism + weight management
💪🏽 Supports daily life and functional activities
💪🏽 Supports mental health and overall well-being 

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We love turning around commitment-phobes 😅 If you are unsure if HOLIXIR is right for you, join us for a free class and we’ll prove that we’re worth the sweat and smiles! 🤍
Turn up the music and join us at the Barre! @gina.amazinglife sculpting sessions will leave you feeling strong, poised and ready to conquer the day! 👯‍♀️

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No need for a multi-site subscription- we have got you! Join us for a sweat and a smile! 

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Get your endorphin fix on Friday and Saturday so you can recharge and indulge on Sunday and Monday! It’s all about balance babay! 🤍

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